Your Style & EUG Fashion

Some of the things we are proud of at EUG FASHION are the high quality of the products, the diversity and the opportunity to customise them by your own style!

we are always happy to see our customers wearing EUG FASHION pieces with confidence and expressing their own style.

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The Benefits for You of Our Custom Made Clothing Approach

I believe that every women deserves to feel beautiful and confident with her appearance. However, is it related to your way of dressing? That is why in this post I am presenting you some of the greatest benefits of our Custom Made Clothing.

1. They fit you better

Anyone who wants to look good knows how important the best fit is.

Custom made clothing is the right way to highlight your best physical features divert attention from your less flattering ones!

It is well-adjusted to your personal measurements while providing enough ease and comfort.

2. Makes you feel luxury and secure

When you select to have custom tailors clothes you receive better value of fabrics as well as better craftsmanship.

They pay attention on your personal measurements and look out for inconsistencies in the making process which makes the difference between mass productions and made to measure clothes.

You can choose a type of fabric that you want – silk, cotton, wool, artificial fibers, blended natural fibers and more – before the process even begins.

For best results, you have to communicate well with your designer. Be clear about your needs and preferences. But you should also listen to his/her suggestions or point of view. (This is somebody who’s dressed thousands of customers before!)

3. Showcase your personal style

Sometimes a ready-to-buy clothes are not a reflection to your personal lifestyle, but custom made clothing allows you to bring out more individuality.

Clothing that is made to order with an individual’s specific measurements and desired fit, is more comfortable and simply fits better.

There is always an option to add more details like pockets and zippers, which will bring you more comfort.

Without a doubt, properly fitted clothing makes you feel you confident and help you make great first impression, which is a tremendous benefit in many situations.

 4. Save you time and Effort

If your work calls for dressing up extra well or you want to look fantastic on your next meeting or event, but you could be too busy for some serious shopping on the weekend…

Don’t worry, a custom made piece wouldn’t just save you time and effort – but also your reputation!

5. Your Clothes Last Longer

And in this world of fast fashion, you want to be a smart buyer!

The combination of better materials and construction naturally produces a more durable product that will last much longer. Because custom clothing lasts longer, one must consider the fact that while the initial investment may cost a bit more than mass-produced budget clothing, the overall cost (per usage) may be much lower.

That’s how you realize that custom made clothing is a great long-term investment. Because of the materials used and overall quality – there are fewer problems to face later on.


Trends You Can Keep Wearing 

This week we present you three Main Trends that you can keep wearing in the following Fashion Seasons. Find your favorite combination in our fashion trend research.

Florals, Prints & Patterns

 You can take the best from Customized Clothing for Women as wearing prints and patterns. That supposed to be a fun part of getting dressed with this trend. It is so inspiring and interesting to play with Handmade Floral and Animal Patterns, because you really develop the imagination and control the flow of the eye.

The Vision of 80’s

 Combinations between bright colors like many trends lately is a comeback that we have seen before. The decade of 80’s was famous with the use of neons in fashion. 

At the most basic level, you should try out using a couple different colors together. To achieve this trendy look, experiment a bit. Just imagine the beauty of African Clothing for Women and if you play around a bit you will find what colors look good together and what colors look good on you. 

Other part of the resurgence of 80’s trends were ruffles that become incredibly popular once again. They were also a key look for the decade. 

Today, you can find ruffles on many items, including, trendy crop tops, cashmere jackets, drop crotch pants, maxi skirts or dresses for women, and even shoes and bags. Best of all, you can rock this 80’s trend any way that you like. Floaty and sheer ruffles will create a vintage feel of Summer Maxi Dresses for Women, more structured ruffles and long wavy details will reference glamorous evening looks.

We can expect new and exciting trends that make an impression, exploring new fun color combinations, shapes, sizes and materials.