Our mission is your vision for one better natural life.


Custom Made Clothing


We create a unique women's clothing design that boosts self-confidence

Made to Measure

We give our customers the opportunity to customize the clothing according to their sizes and preferences.


We make handcrafted contemporary women-wearwhere fashion and freedom collide.

Designer Fashion Within Reach

Our design is aimed at all women who want to stand out with individuality, to all those with a sense of elegant casual wear, which our brand has turned into a sustainable vision. Our promise is to create a more affordable designer clothing, without compromises for quality, in favor of all women around the world

Gergana Hristov

Truly Living Wages & Benefits

Female advancement begins with our production approach. We employ predominantly female production teams to whom we pay dramatically above average wages and benefits for the fashion industry. Everyone involved in the making of any EUG FASHION design enjoys a truly living wage, free healthcare, a 40-hour work week, 20 days paid vacation annually, Social Security benefits, paid sick days, and paid overtime.

OUR Fabrics

The extraction of raw materials for the production of clothing has one of the strongest influences in the production of textiles.
The use of more sustainable materials is key to reducing this negative impact on the environment. EUG Fashion adheres to a more natural and healthy life.

The Co-Founders


Creative Designer & EUG FASHION

"One of my dreams was to create clothes of my own design so that I would look super modern, interesting and elegant but at an affordable price, something that was hard for me to afford. In the end, I managed to achieve it for myself and I am happy to share it with you, millions of other women around the world."



“The work of my life is focused on human progress, I love the innovative and with great pleasure I implement the creative process of EUG Fashion, allowing the brand to find it's place within the fashion world in a new, more modern way.”

happy customers

Zenay Arnold


Quality of the construction is number one and the material is top quality. Great quality and I love the look. Love Geri and her Crew! 5 years and counting! Love Love EUG!

Nikita Frenney

Fashion Blogger

I wore it to BeautyConLA and couldn't walk five feet without receiving a compliment or a question about where it is from. EUG not only provides great fashion that is unique and affordable, but shipping is fast and customer service is excellent!

Tracy novick

Field Director

I bought this because the color matches my campaign signs, but it also is warm and comfortable and perfect for a day outside! Love it!


Design that matter

All the way from the idea to the final goal