Since so much surplus clothing is produced every day around the world, we do not keep our items in stock. with our on-demand production we support zero stock and less wasted materials.

Every piece of EUG FASHION must first be desired and then made. as well as protecting the environment, we value the work, effort and energy of our team.


We at EUG FASHION, we are working to integrate sustainability in all of our daily decision making. this is in order to have a positive impact on people and reduce our environmental footprint.

People are our priority: we seek to protect the human rights of all the employees of our suppliers and manufacturers. we therefore create sustainable production environments which guarantee that workers' human rights are safeguarded and labour laws are upheld, in accordance with united nations objectives and international standards.
Our socially responsible strategy begins with the protection and development of people, placing them at the heart of our decisions.
We are aiming to guarantee work environments in which human and labour rights are respected and promoted. 
With more than 170 nationalities across five continents, diversity and multiculturalism is key to building diverse and inclusive teams that bring different points of view.
We are committed to work environments where everyone can achieve their goals and develop their talents regardless of their gender, gender identity and expression, race, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, age, religion or disability. we promote values such as respect and inclusiveness and we are committed to work environments which encourage equal opportunities, collaboration and respect. we also maintain a zero-tolerance policy for all types of discrimination.
We are working so the way in which we manufacture our products and our activity reduces our impact on nature. the challenges we face as part of the textile industry require everyone's involvement. as a result, we are investing in innovative projects, establishing alliances and making our customers aware, so together we can bring about a positive change in the way we do things.
Our business model, based on slow fashion, enables us to adapt production to market needs, reducing the generation of surpluses and promoting the development of environmental initiatives in all phases of the life cycle of our products.
We at EUG FASHION, we are working towards responsible and sustainable management of natural resources and biodiversity, paying special attention to the raw materials we choose to make our products. we’ve take part from projects to develop more sustainable techniques that help reduce the impacts of natural fibres like cotton or linen. in addition, we collaborate with our suppliers on the necessary actions to use fibres, such as modal and viscose.
100 % more sustainable polyester and linen in 2025
100 % more sustainable cellulosic fibres and cotton in 2025
The selection and production of raw materials play a key role in the life cycle of our products. the use of more sustainable materials helps us to reduce their impact.
at eug fashion, we collaborate with our suppliers and international organisations, among other institutions, to promote the development of more sustainable materials by means of textile innovation.