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EUG FASHION is a European Fashion brand, started in 2015 by:

Gergana Simeonova Creative Director & Co-Founder, at EUG FASHION

Georgi Simeonov  CEO & Co-Founder, at EUG FASHION

Our line was inspired by our desire to create clothes with distinctive style, influenced by the minimalist contemporary movements and simple silhouettes, which can be very original and cutting edge at times.

We follow a business model that allows customised clothing for women from cute to casual for laid-back days, brunch dates, parties, dinners and more.

We are on our way to change the way females wear and wish to disclose every woman’s beauty and confidence.

Our designs have deep meaning and come to life with lots of love and creativity. They have recognisable individuality, which you can bring into your own life, for any occasion.

EUG FASHION is the epitome of alternative contemporary chic where Freedom and Fashion Collide. 

We create affordable street extravagant style for all ages and sizes. Artistic, without being extreme and quirky in a sophisticated way – EUG is the daily challenge for anyone who dare to be unique and different.

We are constantly expanding our line. Since 2016 we started producing Shoes, Bags all in the unique EUG style.

Our items represents the free spirit and soul's endless desire for freedom. Our fashion creations express it with free cuts, clear forms, oversized silhouettes and unisex models that fit any body type.


Designer Fashion Within Reach

Our promise is to democratize minimalist designer apparel for the benefit of women everywhere.


We are trying to source the best solutions for our production processes and be environmentally friendly. We are trying to use mostly natural fabrics, like linen and cotton or other plant based materials.


All our products are manufactured in Sofia, Bulgaria

Very little of you know the actual process of creating our clothing - from selecting the material, to creating the cut, first sample and actual creation of product. EUG FASHION actually has a complete production cycle apart from selecting the materials which we are trying to get the best quality possible. All of our selection is from the European region and mostly from Bulgaria.

Every product from our collections is specifically created for each order and with little exceptions we do not have all the products in stock - all products are created by order. Very often with customer measurements and details.

Most of our designs are limited edition as they are made from surplus stock fabrics, we try to be as eco friendly and zero waste possible.

Truly Living Wages & Benefits

Female advancement begins with our production approach. We employ predominantly female production teams to whom we pay dramatically above average wages and benefits for the fashion industry. Everyone involved in the making of any EUG FASHION design enjoys a truly living wage, free healthcare, a 40-hour work week, 20 days paid vacation annually, Social Security benefits, paid sick days, and paid overtime.


And we have so much more planned!

The brand EUG FASHION is patented in Europe.

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Phone: +1 307 298 0736